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I am an engineer by profession, and during my hectic schedule, I loved listening to music using my Ubon BT-225 wireless earbuds. The BT-225 has more features than an ordinary earbud, such as a football-shaped charging case, 20 hours of playback, and superior sound quality.

Yashkant Teotia

My passion for music led me to use my friend's Ubon speaker, after which I stuck with Ubon's electronic gadgets because of their quality and performance. I now use Ubon's neckband, speaker, and headphones.

Ankit Sharma

Ubon has amazing products and excellent customer service and I just wanted to thank them. The advanced and tech-savvy products offered by Ubon always attract me every time I need an electronic item. For long-lasting electronic gadgets, I always recommended my friends and family to buy Ubon products!


Due to my desire for the best smartwatch, a friend of mine recommended that I purchase the Ubon SW-61. From that point forward, I've used this smartwatch to keep track of my work, keep my health in check, and monitor my fitness.


As someone who has used Ubon products, including power banks and chargers, for the past 5 years, I can proudly say that their products are the best in the market. I wish Ubon and his team the best of luck in their future projects.


I am a student at Amity University. Ubon sponsored our college fest, and from there I learned about their products, so I checked out the website of Ubon and ordered the Mega Bass HP-50. My workout has been completely transformed since I started using it.

Runjhun Kohli

I am working for KPMG. I received a UBON speaker in a gift kit, which I received on Diwali. I used it and found it super amazing. Intrigued by which, I purchased UBON BT 95 AirShark TWS. I found it so cool, that it is now my lifestyle partner

Riya Srivastava


Melodic. Stylish. Reliable. Strong


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