Wired Headphones

Wired Headphones

Are you a person who listens to music all the time? Then your headphone/earphone should have the feature to withstand the pressure of everyday listening.

Here comes the value of UBON, at Ubon we design our products that give comfort and easy to use products without causing any kind of discomfort or problems for daily use. New technology advanced design patterns and the proper use of product parts make Ubon Headphones stay super durable, reinforcing them against the pressures of everyday listening. Our main focus when constructing any Ubon headphones projects to its design that does not compromise on comfort and wearability. Each model is developed to follow the angles of the human head for a comfortable giving our customers a full set of satisfaction. Soft leatherette foam ear pillows ensure supreme comfort that allows you to use to enjoy music for a long time without any pain. Foldable compact design with 90-degree ear cups provides extra flexibility, portability, and durability.


Best Wired Headphones for 2019

Ubon has the trending collections of wired headphones that gives the best sound quality without causing problems for long-time use. From the collection of trending headphones, the demanding headphone for the year 2019 is GP -1370 wired headphones. This particular product produces enriched sound with reliable quality, high rated power, and great sensitivity response. It has a pure bass and mic which comes with a slim and folding design. Buy the best-wired headphones online from Ubon and give your ears the smooth and pain-free music experience.

Best Wired Earphones with Mic

Are you getting engaged with calls all the time? Then you require the best-wired earphones with mic. Ubon earphones come with different ranges of price, quality, and features. The best of Ubon headphones with Mic to buy online is GT 32A Metal Universal wired earphone with inline Mic control. This lightweight foldable product is specially designed in an earphone shape with long-lasting cables. This special earphone Produces powerful stereo bass sound compatible to use in all devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC. Get the best-wired earphones with Mic from Ubon now!!


Which is the best Headphone brand in India?

There are a lot of online platforms that sell headphones for the best and cheap rate, but choosing the right headphone with the best quality is where Ubon stands out. From the different ranges and collections of headphones available at Ubon, you can match the features you are looking to have for your headphones that can be easily connected to your phones. The headphones from Ubon comes with the great quality and design styles to fit the features and the specifications in the best output. This is where Ubon stands as the best headphone selling the online brand in India.

Which are the cheap rate earphones to buy online?

The trend has changed now, everyone finds listening to music to be one of the best methods to escape from the stress world. To enjoy the crystal clear music, then search for Ubon and grab the best quality earphones at an affordable cost. The new and the cheap collections of earphones from Ubon have features like the in-built mic, soft and smooth cushion for earbud for long-time listening. Choose the best earphone at a cheap rate from Ubon” born to be free” and enjoy music all the way you move!!

Which are the best earphones to buy below Rs 500?

Planning to buy wired earphones with a budget under 500? Then we give you some best moving earphone collections from Ubon. UB -720 champ in-ear wired headphone which cost just Rs 145, UB – 750 Universal In-ear wired earphone with a price of Rs 349. GS 311M In-ear wired headphone with Mic. This particular product is available with a microphone and it is compactable across all devices like tablets, laptops, Mobile, etc. When looking to buy out earphones under a budget of 500, then go for the best quality available at your expected budget. Get the best quality earphones at low cost from Ubon” born to be free”.

Which earphones have the best sound quality?

The day starts with just not like having tea but by plugging your earphones with your favorite music. Give your ears the quality crystal clear sound for a long time listening experience. When you are planning to purchase earphones then make sure your earphones have features like soft and smooth cushion pads with specially designed cables and earphone shapes that are eco friendly with strong powerful bass that does not harm your ears. Get the best quality earphones with good sound quality that are available with the best attractive rates.




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